Run Snapshot Reports

Run Snapshot Reports
10/25/2019, 9:00 AM 10:00 AM

Pre-PEIMS Reports to Run
New TSDS PEIMS reports to run
30090 Responsibility
40100 Basic Information
10070 Course
40110 Student Program
40110 Student School Association
40170 Career and Technical Course - JH, HS, BA
40203 Student School Leaver -JH, HS, BA
41163 Special Education Program
41169 Career and Technical Program
41461 Title I, Part A Program - Elementary Only
Fall Snapshot Reports Needed
Please run the following reports on Friday, October 25, 2019:
At Risk - all campuses - Data Mining
Homebound - SPED runs - Data Mining
Homeless - all campuses - Data Mining
Meal Status - all campuses - Data Mining
School Roster by Grade - all campuses - Data Mining
Student Attribution (out of district transfers) - all campuses - Data Mining
Leaver - JH/HS/ BA - WS>SR>TX>PP>SL203 (Double check grads and drop outs)
PK Roster - JCW/HP/Brule - WS>SR>TX> RE>OT
Program Codes - BL/ESL - all campuses, PRS - JH, HS, BA, CTE - JH, HS, BA, SPED - all
campuses, GT - all campuses - WS>SR>TX>RE>AT>RP (Record of Program Activity)
Title I - Webb, High Point, Brule - WS>SR>TX>RE>OT>TI
Please sign and date Snapshot Reports, have your principal sign them, and send them to

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