For students in 1st grade through 8th grade, there will be a high tech and a low tech option. Students using the high tech option will be working on a program called Exact Path. Exact Path takes the students most recent academic scores from the MAP test students took mid-year, and it creates an individual learning path that works to build the students skills where they need it the most. The students will have a teacher available to help monitor, track, and be of assistance to the student. For more information about Exact Path, please click the Exact Path Link

Students who need a low tech option will be provided paper packets.
For students in grades 9 through 12, summer school will allow students to recover lost credits. Due to the difficult time with Covid-19, the high school is waiving all costs associated with summer school courses. This means a high school student can retake a course for free. The students will work on the credit recovery software, Edgenuity, and will also have the support of certified high school instructors.
NISD will also provide an online summer school program for English learners for students who qualify in PK and Kindergarten, in accordance with 19 TAC ยง89.1250(3)(B), . This program will consist of two sessions. Session 1 will be June 8th through June 25th. Session 2 will be July 6th through August 6th, Monday through Thursday. This will allow these students to access the required 120 hours of instruction.
For more information about these programs, please contact your student's campus principal.