Student Release from School

1.  Please attempt to schedule doctor visits so that instructional time is not missed.
2.  Send a note to the attendance clerk before first period if you need your child to leave school during the day.  Campus sign-out procedures apply at time of sign-out.
3.  Unless the principal has granted approval for extenuating circumstances, a student will not be regularly released before the end of the instructional day.
4.  You  must check your student out -- in person-- during the school day.  Students will not be allowed to leave school by presenting a signed parent/guardian note or by having a parent/guardian call to release the student.
Failure to follow these procedures will result in receiving an unexcused absence or being truant and subject to disciplinary action. 
Students are not to leave school (with or without a parent's permission) unless they have checked out properly through the office.  Students who do not properly check out will be disciplined.