NHS History Fair Winners

Group Performance
1st - Dorcas Banks, Marleigha McGinty, Elizabeth Price, Tyler Seale- Their Right, The American Responsibility: The American Disabilities Act
2nd- Maite Bustos, Daniela Peralta, Bryan Ramirez,Marcos Solis- A Walkout to Remember: East LA

Individual Websites
1st- Jennifer Du- Doctors from Hell: Experimenters v Experimented
2nd- Jordan Bihm - Behind the Fence: Japanese Internment Camps
3rd- Jared Guillory- The Night that Changed History Forever: Stonewall Riots

Group Websites
1st- Grace Mock, Meghan Mock, Morgan Smith, Will Smith- Superpower and Super Responsibility: The Marshall Plan
2nd - Cortney Alfaro, Dillon Guthrie- Got Miranda Rights?
3rd- Grace Cowan, Justine Quintas- Japanese American Rights: Where did they go?

Historical Papers
1st - Andi Krumrey- Monkeyin' Around Behind the Scenes
2nd- Alec Chilton - Civil Insurrection in Appalachia: The West Virginia Coal Mine War
3rd- Angelica Almanza- Bad Blood and Bad Men: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

Group Documentary'
1st - Chas Cavanaugh, Michael Coffey, Zack Pavlock, David Ramirez- Atrocities of Frustration: Malmedy Massacre
2nd: Danny Martinez, Taylor Torres- The Workhouse Legacy
3rd: Shelby Binford, Haley Warzon - Cherokee v Jackson: Trail of Tears

Individual Documentary
1st- Bethany Busa: Donora's Sinister Smog's Silver Lining
2nd: Layla Perez: Should History be a Mystery? The Many Facets of Adoption
3rd: Kaitlyn Raper- A Merely Personal Moral Code: Conscientious Objectors

Individual Exhibits
1st - Celeste Tovar- Duty to Rescue: A Doctor's Responsibility
2nd: Anne Murray- I Am a Woman. I have a Right to Education.
3rd: Leslie Mora- Nixon and Food Stamps

Group Exhibits
1st - Lucas Hughes, Coy Imhoff, Kyle Ramsey- Curt Flood: Changing Baseball Forever
2nd- Tyler Lang, Kaelee Smith- The Infamous Genocide
3rd - Christy Kirby, Paige Meece-- The Berlin Wall: No Right To :Leave