AP/DC Blinn

Navasota High School has a new opportunity to help our students gain college credit. My Advanced Placement US History course is partnering with Blinn Junior College to give the NHS students two different options for earning college credit. The class will follow my AP curriculum, and all students will be enrolled in the AP US History Class. At the end of the year, students will have one of two choices: 1. take the AP national exam for college credit, or 2. simply pass my class and gain college credit through Blinn.
My vision for this class is that all students take the AP exam, which is very rigorous, and in the event a student does not pass the AP exam, the student can fall back on the Blinn credit as both avenues will count towards hours at the local universities. I’m excited that the students will be challenged and instructed with the rigor of AP curriculum, and for their efforts, they have two ways to gain college credit. So the students can go the AP route only OR the AP/Blinn route- the choice is theirs.

If they choose the Blinn route, this class will cost $42
They will also have to take an assessment test called the TSI- which determines if they are ready for a college level course.
The students received this information from Mrs. Lane and the test will cost them $45.
The school will provide the textbook.
To apply for the Blinn credit, they need to go to www.applytexas.org
Select a 2 year college application
Select Blinn College as your first option..
Your “admission basis” is “Dual Credit (receiving both high school and college credit).”
Your “Reason for Attending” is to “Earn credit for transfer.
Record your user name and password where you will be able to retrieve it in the future
If not TSI exempt take the TSIA pre-assessment activity and print certificate of completion.
Take the TSI and pass reading
We will need the Dual Credit Approval form signed by the principal and their high school transcript all of which Ms. Lane is very familiar with and able to assist students.
Pay the $42 by August 21st
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Miss Day at 825-1316 or [email protected]