NHS Choir students earn spot in the Region Choir

Students advancing left to right: Qwinton Martin, Ronald Lee, Christon Cheeseburger Jones, Also pictured: Accompanist MacKenzie Moore, Jaycob Steels, Tyler Lang, Also pictured: Director Jessica Steels, Noah Wenzel, Amber Allen, Raymond Lee, and Gail Evans.

In the bottom picture are all of the students who participated: Back row left to right: Director Jessica Steels, Raymond Lee, Tyler Lang, Jaycob Steels, Qwinton Martin, Noah Wenzel, Raymond Lee, and Accompanist MacKenzie Moore. Front row left to right: Raven Dickerson, Heaven Valentine, Megan Easterling, Christon Cheeseburger Jones, Amber Allen, Gail Evans, and Chelsey Coulter.