Preparation for Navasota's 150th birthday


In preparation for Navasota’s 150th birthday in October 2016, some of NHS’ history classes are researching local history to be highlighted at this event. We are currently going through the old school newspapers and yearbooks. We will be looking at the old Examiners and other local newspapers for information. 

Our plan as of now is to create some websites showcasing Navasota’s rich history. If anyone would be interested in helping us—we would like to hear from you. We would like to talk to people about what life was like in Navasota- when you were young- probably from the 1930s to the present day. 

Any interesting stories, events, etc? If you have any pictures of people, buildings, events – we would be interested in scanning them and using them in the birthday display. Do you remember the Nazi POW Camp? What was Navasota like during the Depression or wars? Has Homecoming changed or any memorable events? What was it like to shop downtown Navasota- especially on Saturdays? Parades, festivals, good restaurants, the candy kitchen, Mance Lipscomb--- anything dealing with life in Navasota. 

If you are interested – or have any questions about this—contact Miss Day at Navasota High School (825-4250 or [email protected] and we can arrange for some students to interview you or scan your pictures. Thank you!