Celeste Tovar attends the National College Admissions Conference


Below is a note from Celeste: 

A month ago, members of my community helped me reach my goal on GoFundMe -- an account which I started in order to attend the National College Admissions Conference at Northwestern University. Today, I attended that conference and had the opportunity to meet some of the nation's brightest, most welcoming students. In addition to this, I attended a variety of different information sessions and ended the day meeting with different admissions officers from America's most prestigious colleges at the College Fair. I learned what colleges look for and what colleges want. My dreams have never seemed more attainable than they do at this moment. I know how lucky I am to have experienced today, and how lucky I am to even be a College Prep Scholar. Thanks to this program, I'll be applying to Stanford, USC, and maybe a couple of other schools this September. If all goes well, I will be matched and receive a full-ride to whichever school I match with. My plan is to continue my journey with Questbridge for as long as possible and not take any of these opportunities I am given for granted. 

That being said, I want to take a moment to thank those who helped make today possible:
The Prewitt Family
Mrs. Roxanne
Mrs. Joanna
Mrs. Jennifer Ramirez
Mr. Bill Murray
Mrs. Ginger Murray
Mr. Paul Malek
Mrs. Trisha Harris
Mrs. Mary MedinaI
Mrs. Roxanne Zaragoza Smith
Mrs. Jo Anna Moreland 

I cannot find the words to thank you enough. My heart is filled with the most sincere gratitude. 

And, of course, I want to thank Lourdes and I's tour guide and "mother for the weekend," Ms. Kathy Day. Thank you for everything! I don't know what we would have done without you. 

In addition, I want to thank everyone who has wished me safe travels, good luck, and fun times. Thank you for the support. This weekend has definitely been one for the books!