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Navasota High School partners with the University of Texas OnRamps to offer dual enrollment courses.  In these courses, students may obtain college credit and high school credit simultaneously.  Courses are taught by a UT Austin instructor and an NHS teacher who work together to provide instruction for the dual enrollment course.

OnRamps was designed to align K12 and higher education institutions around a shared vision of high-quality learning opportunities that prepare students for postsecondary success.


OnRamps offers distance education courses through a dual enrollment model. Using best-in-class resources, materials, and instructional strategies, OnRamps also provides intensive, yearlong professional development and support that improves instructional quality in hundreds of classrooms throughout the state for a widespread benefit to Texas high school students.


Key outcomes of early exposure to postsecondary education include:

  • aligning high school students to the academic and social expectations of college;
  • accelerating student matriculation, retention and time to degree; and
  • increasing the number and diversity of students who are fully prepared to follow a path to college and career success.


At the present time, the cost of an OnRamps course is $149 or $99 for students who qualify for the free and reduced lunch program.  Of that amount, Navasota ISD will cover $99; therefore, students who qualify for the free and reduced lunch program will pay $0, and students who do not qualify for the free and reduced lunch program will pay $50.  All science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses are taught so that a one-semester course is taught for an entire school year.  Other courses, such as English III and U.S. History, are taught like typical college courses where the first semester is one course and the second semester is a separate, different course.  (Example:  English 1301 in the first semester and English 1302 in the second semester)


For more information about the OnRamps program, please visit University of Texas OnRamps.  You may also find more information at OnRamps Parents One-Pager in English or Parent One-Pager in Espanol.